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The Growlers 1.4 The One with the Awful Beer

We are back again!  This time we review TWO beers and talk about our interest in games and gaming. And wait as you can actually hear the pain in our voices as we try to tell you about a beer that not even its mother could love.

[audio ]

The Growlers 1.3 The One About Unions

I would like to say we should fire our producer for not posting that Episode 1.3 has been uploaded for two weeks. However i am the producer and therefore none would ever get uploaded if I was fired.

So here it is, Episode 1.3: The One About Unions.

John And Gene discuss unions and their purpose in a 21st century world. Southhampton Double White is the beer reviewed. Of course they get off track once or twice. Come join them and as always have a cold one ready!