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The Growlers 1.3 The One About Unions

I would like to say we should fire our producer for not posting that Episode 1.3 has been uploaded for two weeks. However i am the producer and therefore none would ever get uploaded if I was fired.

So here it is, Episode 1.3: The One About Unions.

John And Gene discuss unions and their purpose in a 21st century world. Southhampton Double White is the beer reviewed. Of course they get off track once or twice. Come join them and as always have a cold one ready!



Episode 1.0 is finally here! Well sorta.

Our first, no second, well first official podcast is here!

We recorded it a month ago, but did not have beer present in both of houses. Then John had to go and give up beer for Lent. Then I got busy. Yeah, Yeah, life goes on.

So here it is. Episode 1.0 The One Without Beer.

It’s about education, so it probably should not have beer anyway.